Preventing Injuries Doesn’t Have To Be A Stretch!

ErgMAPS's (Ergonomic Management, Analysis and Planning Software) online ergo-database solutions help companies monitor and manage employees in their workspaces, whether it be an office cubicle, kitchen table or home office, a lab workbench or an assembly line workstation.

Fast and simple

Our online training and customized surveys are quick (less than 30 mins) and easy to fill out.

Solutions that work

Personalized posture and product recommendations provided based on survey results.

Educate & empower employees

Employees can solved their issues and reduce in-person/virtual visits by a health and safety professional.

Empower Employees to Manage their Own Workspaces

Self- Assessment for Employees (SAFE)

The SAFE evaluation is a web-based tool that enables individual employees to self-assess ergonomic needs in their workspaces and receive customized solutions unique to their issues. It's quick and easy for the employee and reduces the amount of in-person/virtual face-to-face time by a professional health and safety individual. Our proven solutions can reduce employee discomfort significantly while forming healthier work habits.

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Results driven online case management

Ergonomic Case Management System - (ECMS)

Our multi-user, case management web application is designed to meet the needs of ergonomic and safety professionals. Our software gives the ability to manage employee ergonomic evaluations, track email and telephone conversations, and upload pictures and videos all in one place. The reporting tools allow the administrators to identify trends and make adjustments accordingly.

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