Our Expertise

Over 30 years of Ergonomic Expertise

Who We Are

We know that choosing the right ergonomic software for your employees is a major challenge. When you contact us, you’ll learn that ErgMAPS’ has been built in conjunction with ErgExperts. ErgExperts, with over 30 years of ergonomic consulting experience, offers expertise ranging from comprehensive on-site program development to discrete problem solving. ErgExperts’ consultants assist clients with employee safety and health issues, industrial and occupational ergonomics, human factors engineering, ergonomics program development, product design and safety, and equipment evaluations and usability testing.

Our Company

Specialty Areas

ErgMAPS specializes in the Office (including work from home and hoteling), Laboratory, Manufacturing and Transportation environments.

Our Staff

ErgMAPS with ErgExperts has over 30 years combined expertise in Ergonomics. Our technology staff has over 25 years working with Internet and database technologies.

Our Philosophy

Our online solutions are created by professionals who understand ease of use and scalability. The online surveys are quick and the recommendations are easy to implement.

We Are Results Driven

Results from large US client with >20,000 employees 

  • Reduced claims by 86% in 5 years
  • Return on Investment = 10 months
  • 30-49% reduction in ergonomic risk factors
  • 49% reduction in employee discomfort levels

Results from medium-size global client with > 6,000 employees

  • 59% reduction in employee discomfort levels
  • 77% reduction in ergonomic risk factors
  • Reached employees in over 50 offices around the world
  • Top ten recommendations chosen are postural not product = savings

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