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What is ErgMAPS?

ECMS (Office Ergonomic Case Management System) is a comprehensive, multi-user, web based application designed to meet the needs of ergonomic and safety professionals. Our software gives the ability to manage employee ergonomic evaluations, track email and telephone conversations, and upload pictures and videos all in one place.

SAFE (Self-Assessment Of The Employee) is a web-based tool that enables individual employees to self-assess ergonomic needs in their workspaces and receive customized solutions to modify their work environment by themselves. The solutions are unique to each client and include both postural and product based solutions.

The combination of these two systems gives the corporation a way to reduce calls to a health and safety professionals with the self-assessment and the ability to work with the employee should they need a higher level of assistance. All data between the two systems are held in one secure location.

Benefits to Your Company

Consistency of Evaluations

Create a corporate-wide program with consistency between locations, solutions and equipment.


Reach all locations, including remote offices and work from home staff without having to travel. Increased efficiency = decrease in spending.

Green and Cost Effective Initiative

By reducing travel time and reaching all locations this corporate initiative can be green and cost effective for your budget.

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